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Real Snow – Anywhere

The partnership between leading atmospherics company Global Technology Integrators and snow machine company Bucceri Snow Makers is bringing the ability to have real snow falls and accumulations in any climate or temperature to the Americas. Find out what Real Snow Machine is right for you!

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Our Real Snow Machines

From small spaces to large festivals, our range of Real Snow Machines provide you with a snow fall like any other! With our patented technology, you can provide real snow – with accumulations – in any type of climate or weather, perfect for your entertainment or training/testing needs.

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About Global Technology Integrators

Global Technology Integrators is the nation’s leading provider of atmospheric conditions engineering for a wide-range of clients.

With four decades of experience, the GTI team is known for simulating real environments for all five senses, including smell, sight, touch, sounds and taste.

Their environments have been perfected working with the military and law enforcement training programs, preparing our soldiers and police for any situation they might encounter in an immersive simulation. Lately, they have expanded their services to the theme park industry, providing unique scents custom made for rides.

The partnership with Bucceri brings the winter environment to customers in any climate and temperature.

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About Bucceri Snow Making

Bucceri Snow Making has been involved in the development of new innovative snow making technologies for Indoor and Outdoor Ski related projects over the past 30 years. In 1985, it created the then, new concept called Indoor Ski Centers and promoted it in Australia, Europe and Asia.

The company’s principal Alfio Bucceri was instrumental in the development of the year-round ‘Indoor Ski-Center’ business, which can now be found in over 40 multi-million dollar developments throughout the world.

In addition, Bucceri is the inventor, product developer and previous owner of the Chill Factor and Slushy Magic product range that are sold through outlets such as Walmart, Target, Woolworth and other major retailers around the world.

Recently, Bucceri introduced the new snow machines that provide real snow in any climate in its native Australia, teaming with Global Technology Integrators to bring the technology to the United States.

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